How to Identify an Abnormal Mole: Know Your ABCs

Did you know that even ONE blistering sunburn during your childhood or adolescence can nearly double your chance of developing melanoma? 😳

When caught early, all skin cancer - even melanoma - is highly treatable. So check your skin regularly and WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! Here are some tips for what to look for:


A is for ASYMMETRICAL: One half of the mole does not match the other.

B is for BORDER: The mole has an irregular, ragged, or blurred edge. 

C is for COLOR: The mole is varied from one area to another; has shades of tan, brown, or black; and is sometimes blue, red, or white. 

D is for DIAMETER: The mole is wider than a quarter inch or is smaller but growing.

E is for EVOLVING: An evolving mole is one that is changing in terms of size, shape, or shades of color; or symptoms such as bleeding, itching, or tenderness.